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Legal Actions Against Privacy Violations

Legal Actions Against Privacy ViolationsLegal Actions Against Privacy ViolationsDeception. Your employer asked you to submit to a routine medical examination, for example, but mentioned nothing about a drug test. However, the urine sample that you gave to the examining physician was analyzed for drug traces, and because drugs were found in your urine, you were fired.Violation of confidentiality. Your employer asked you to fill in a health questionnaire and assured you that the information would be held in confidence for the companys use only. But you later found out that the health information was divulged to a prospective employer that inquired about you. Secret, intrusive monitoring. Installing visible video cameras above a supermarkets cash registers would usually be considered a legitimate method of ensuring that employees are not stealing from the company. But installing hidden video cameras above the stalls in an employee restroom would probably qualify as an invasion of privac y in all but the highest security jobs.Intrusion on your private life. Your employer hired a private detective, for example, to monitor where you go in the evening when youre not at work. When the company discovered that you are active in a gay rights organization, you were told to resign from that group or risk losing your job.

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14 Companies Offering Sabbaticals Hiring Now

14 Companies Offering Sabbaticals Hiring Now14 Companies Offering Sabbaticals Hiring Now Few things are as good a reward for ones hard work. Whether youve put in years of service or gone above and beyond for a company, sabbaticals are often the light at the end of the tunnel. If youre goal-oriented or if you anticipate wanting a reprieve a few years into your career, consider a company with an attractive sabbatical program . Travel, try something new or simply hang out on the beach.Whatever you choose to do with your sabbatical, these companies are here to support you.Charles Schwab Sabbatical Details According to their employee benefits guide , After five years, eligible employees can apply for a 28-day paid sabbatical, which can be used for relaxing and pursuing personal or professional development, such as community service, education, or reflecting on their career and life. Where Hiring Austin, Westlake and El Paso, TX Chicago, IL Richfield, OH Lone Tree, C O Indianapolis, IN Orlando, FL Phoenix, AZ San Francisco, CA & more. What Employees Say Excellent benefits and pay, and a wonderful culture. Management is committed to ensuring you have the support you need in order to be successful. A sabbatical is provided every 5 years of service. - Current EmployeeAdobe Sabbatical Details Planning your dream vacation? Ready to finally write that novel? Adobe offers a sabbatical program to give you extended time to relax, recharge and reenergize, reads Adobes benefits site. Whos eligible? Regular U.S. employees who have completed at least five years of continuous employment and are scheduled to work at least 24 hours a week. Where Hiring San Jose, CA Seattle, WA Lehi, UT Chicago, IL Boston, MA Santa Monica, CA Austin, TX & more. What Employees Say Good benefits, great cafeteria with lots of options, basketball court and other amenities.- Current EmployeeIntel Sabbatical Details After seven years of full-time service, U.S. and Canadia n employees** are eligible to take eight weeks off. Paid, reads Intels blog. I find that Intel employees really value the sabbatical benefit. Employees have count-downs to their first sabbatical on their office walls and long-tenured employees smile with a knowing jealousy. Sometimes, when employees return from sabbatical, there are parties or good-natured pranks played on them. Sabbatical is a tradition that sort of draws employees together. Where Hiring Santa Clara, CA Albuquerque, NM Folsom, CA Boulder, CO Boise, ID Hillsboro, OR Hudson, MA & more. What Employees Say Good Salary and excellent benefits. Bonding leave and sabbatical are awesome - Current EmployeeEpic Sabbatical Details As an Epic employee, every five years you are eligible for four weeks of paid time off. If you choose to spend your sabbatical in a country youve never been to before, we will help fund the trip for you and a guest. To date, Epic staff have taken more than 3,000 trips on their sabbatical to over 100 different countries. Where Hiring Madison, WI What Employees Say Ive been at Epic over 10 years. What gets me to work each day is that I have a lot of variety and autonomy. My career has changed enough that Ive never been bored theres always been a new challenge. I get lots of feedback and validation and feel valued by my manager, coworkers and company. - Current EmployeePayPal Sabbatical Details In addition to our Time Off program, we offer four weeks of paid sabbatical for every five years of service, a unique benefit that few tech companies can match. Where Hiring Omaha, NE Chicago, IL Chandler, AZ San Jose, CA Timonium, MD & more. What Employees Say Wonderful benefit. I wish all companies had this reward after 4 or 5 years of service. - Former EmployeeDeloitte Sabbatical Details Deloitte offers two sabbatical programs an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason and a three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue person al or professional growth opportunities in the areas of career development or volunteerism. While on a three- to six-month sabbatical, professionals continue to receive 40% of their pre-sabbatical base salary. Where Hiring New York, NY Atlanta, GA Washington, DC Phoenix, AZ Milwaukee, WI Harrisburg, PA & more. What Employees Say Great benefit for a company of this size. - Current EmployeeAutodesk Sabbatical Details According to their benefits guide , Eligible employees receive a six-week paid sabbatical every four continuous years of full-time U.S. Autodesk employment. This is an opportunity to travel or spend quality time with your family and friends while getting well-deserved rest and relaxation. Where Hiring Denver, CO Boston, MA Portland, OR San Francisco, CA San Rafael, CA Novi, MI & more. What Employees Say Good work life balance, excellent benefits, great employees that take great ownership in the quality of their work, company seems to truly care about their emp loyees, flexibility to work remote.- Current EmployeeBiogen Sabbatical Details Biogen offers a highly competitive benefits package, says a current employee. The health, dental, and vision coverage are among the best in the industry, and the 401(k) matching is excellent. Additionally, after six years of employment you can take a one-month paid sabbatical. Some roles offer work-from-home capability, but that can be a double-edged sword because it can conflict with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The PTO policy is generous, but some roles find it more difficult than others to get actually get the time off that is requested. Where Hiring Cambridge, MA Research Triangle Park, NC San Francisco, CA & more.Genentech Sabbatical Details If youve been with Genentech full-time for six years, youre eligible to take six continuous weeks off with full pay and benefits. Its a good time to recharge. Where Hiring South San Francisco, CA Little Falls, NJ Hillsboro, OR & more. Wh at Employees Say Very unusual to have such a rich sabbatical program- Current EmployeeAARP Sabbatical Details AARPs Renewal Program offers eligible employees a dedicated period of paid time away from work - four weeks - to disconnect from the demands and responsibilities of the workplace. Renewal is a one-time opportunity for eligible employees. Renewal leave must be taken in a four-week block. With manager approval, employees may add accrued vacation time. Renewal may be taken starting June 1 of the year in which the invitation is extended. To be eligible employees must be in good standing, have completed at least seven consecutive years as a full-time employee, and meet other requirements listed in detail on InfoNet. Where Hiring Washington, DC Honolulu, HI Chicago, Il Philadelphia, PA & more. What Employees Say Great pay, excellent benefits, smart and committed colleagues. Top management will listen to employees and make some positive changes based on employee surveys. - Former EmployeeAlta Planning + Design Sabbatical Details After 5 years of employment, employees are eligible to receive a stipend toward an excursion to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, or another city/region where biking is a way of life. Where Hiring Portland, OR Durham, NC San Diego, CA Chesterfield, MO & more. What Employees Say The company culture promotes appreciation and gratitude for your labor and time and upper management is accesible and respectful. - Current EmployeeBain & Company Sabbatical Details Take Two Extended breaks that allow eligible Bainies to take two months off to rejuvenate and/or fulfill personal goals. Bain also offers longer sabbaticals and leaves of absence for when life pulls you in different directions. Where Hiring Chicago, IL Boston, MA San Francisco, CA Dallas, TX Washington, DC & more. What Employees Say Supportive culture and amazing people to work with. - Current EmployeeChicago Public Schools Sabbatical Details The Chief Executive Officer or his/her designee may grant paid leaves of absence to tenured teachers, who have completed six (6) continuous years of satisfactory service, for the purposes of resident study, travel or other purposes, for a period of at least five (5) months but no more than ten (10) school months (equivalent to one continuous semester or one continuous school year respectively), if the Chief Executive Officer or designee determines that the leave will improve the service of the teacher or contract principal to the public schools. Eligibility for and the terms and conditions of sabbatical leaves will be established by the Chief Executive Officer or designee. Where Hiring Chicago, IL What Employees Say Working with the kids is the best part of the job.. - Current EmployeeOne Medical Sabbatical Details Job descriptions for One Medical detail top-notch dental, vision, health insurance as well as sabbaticals at 5 and 10 years. Where Hiring Saint Petersburg, FL San Francisco, CA & more. What Employees Say The benefits are the best part of working at One Medical. A lot is expected of the administrative assistant but the pay is limited for the first few years. - Current Employee

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Job Interview Tips for Recent College Grads

Job Interview Tips for Recent College GradsJob Interview Tips for Recent College GradsWhen youre a recent college graduate einstellungsgesprching can be a challenge, especially if you havent interviewed much. Thats especially true when youre interviewing for entry-level jobs because, in general, its a level playing field with all candidates having the same basic qualifications. However, there are ways to prepare for an interview so you can stand out from the crowd of entry-level candidates and make the best impression on the interviewer. The more you prepare by practicing your interview skills, researching the company, being able to show why youre qualified, and by following up after the interview - the better chance youll get at securing a second interview anda job offer. Here are tips for acing an interview for college students and recent graduates from Mike Profita, director of career services at Skidmore College for 25 years and college career expert. Top College Grad Job Inte rview Tips Analyze Your Target Job. What skills, knowledge, and personal qualities are required by the employer and are critical for success in that role? Do you have theskill set the employer is seeking or, at the least, are you a close match for the job?Hereshow to match your qualifications to the job. Make a List of Your Key Assets. Be prepared to share 7- 10 key assets, like skills, course projects, experiences, personal qualities, and knowledge bases, which will enable you to make a solid contribution in that role if you were to be hired. Share Examples. For each of those assets be prepared to share an example or anecdote which shows how you used that strength to complete an academic project or successfully carry out a work or co-curricular role. Sharing real life examples will help you show the interviewer that youre qualified for the position. Show Enthusiasm. Be ready to articulate why you are interested in the target job/organization, how it relates to your goals. Show ent husiasm during the interview for the job. Try to stay positive during the interview, even if youre stressed and nervous. Practice Interviewing. Review common interview questions and think about how you would respond. Practice your responses with advisers and use the interview preparation modules offered by the career office at your college. The more you practice, the more comfortable youll be during job interviews. Conduct Informational Interviews. Conduct informational interviews with college alumni who work in your target field. Find out key trends and what it takes to be a success. Research the Company. Research your target organization. Learn about their challenges and accomplishments. Read the press releases on their website. Look for articles in the business press evaluating the progress of the organization. Search Google and social media for news about the organization. Pay Attention to Your Body Language. During the interview watch your body language shake hands firmly, make eye contact as you articulate your points, and sit up straight. Listen to the Interview Questions. Listen carefully before you respond to questions, ask for clarification if you are uncertain about the focus of a query. Its fine to take a few moments to frame your response. Be Ready to Ask Questions. Be prepared to ask questions about the job that reflect your genuine interest and build on the research you have done about the position. Review this list of the best questions to ask during a job interview. Summarize Why the Job is a Fit. Towards the end of the interview if you are still interested in the job, let the recruiter know that you think the job is an excellent fit (summarize briefly why) and that you are highly interested. Dont Forget to Say Thank You. Make sure you get the contact information for your interviewer and send a follow-up schmelzglas or letter as soon as possible after the meeting. In addition to thanking them, reference anything which they said that enhanced y our interest and briefly summarize why you think the job is an excellent match. Its Fine to Follow Up. If you dont hear back right away, its appropriate to follow up on the status of your application by phone or via email.? Heres the best way to send a follow up email or make a phone callto see if youre still in contention for the job.